Shaking your head at your <head>?

Unhead is the any-framework document head manager with a focus on delightful DX and performance.

// all the goodiesuseHead({  // Titles  title: 'Hello World',  titleTemplate: '%s %separator %siteName',  // Template params  templateParams: { separator: '|', siteName: 'My App' },  // Classes  bodyAttrs: { class: { overflow: true } },  // Deduping  script: [{ key: '123', src: '' }],})


Feature Packed

With deduping, sorting, title templates, template params and dom events out of the box.

Rock-solid DOM Updates

Custom side-effect based algorithm to play nicely with your existing tags.

Pluggable Core

Hook into any part of the head rendering process using Hookable.

Plugins for Extra Oomph

Boost your performance with custom plugins: Capo.js ordering, Vite tree-shaking, etc.

Totally Typed

Full TypeScript head schema with MDN documentation.

Ecosystem Battled Tested

Adopted by the Vue ecosystem with hundreds of bugs squished.


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