Learn how Unhead works under the hood.

Unhead manages the <head> of your site with support for SSR (Server-Side Rendering) and CSR (Client-Side Rendering). It's split into multiple packages to improve modularization and flexibility, allowing developers to choose and use only the components they actually need.

The core package is framework-agnostic and should work in any setup.

Framework packages are provided to improve the DX of using Unhead with the framework.

Optional packages exist to add extra functionality and optimisations to Unhead.

Core Package

  • unhead - Core package which provides the API for manipulating the head.
  • @unhead/schema - Provides the TypeScript types for Unhead.
  • @unhead/shared - Provides shared utilities for Unhead.
  • @unhead/dom - Manipulating the DOM and collecting the side effects.

Integration Packages

  • @unhead/vue - Vue 2/3 integration.

Optional Packages

  • @unhead/ssr - Outputting SSR compatible strings to be used in injecting into a template.
  • @unhead/addons - Optional addons for Unhead.