Person Person

  • Type: definePerson(input?: Person)
    Describes an individual person. Most commonly used to identify the author of a piece of content (such as an Article or Comment).
  • Component: SchemaOrgPerson (see how components work)

Required properties

  • name string
    The name of the person.
  • image ImageInput
    Avatar image url of the person
  • link string or sameAs string[]
    Links that describe the person, for example their website or social accounts.



  name: 'Harlan Wilton',
  image: '/me.png',


  • @type: Person
  • @id: ${canonicalHost}#identity
  • url: canonicalHost


See Global Resolves for full context.

  • resolves relative string urls of image
  • omitting the @id attribute, will automatically set up the person to be the identity of the WebSite and author of any content.


 * A person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).
export interface PersonSimple extends Thing {
   * The full name of the Person.
  name: string
   * The user bio, truncated to 250 characters.
  description?: string
   * An array of URLs representing declared social/authoritative profiles of the person
   * (e.g., a Wikipedia page, or Facebook profile).
  sameAs?: Arrayable<string>
   * An array of images which represent the person, referenced by ID.
  image?: NodeRelations<ImageObject | string>
   * The URL of the users' profile page (if they're affiliated with the site in question),
   * or to their personal homepage/website.
  url?: string