Website WebSite

  • Type: defineWebSite(input?: WebSite)
    Describes a WebSite. Parent to WebPage.
  • Component: SchemaOrgWebSite (see how components work)

Required properties

  • name string
    The title of the page.
    A name can be provided using route meta on the title key, see defaults.


  • @type: WebSite
  • @id: ${canonicalHost}#website
  • url: canonicalHost
  • inLanguage: options.defaultLanguage (see: user Config)
  • isPartOf: WebSite reference
  • publisher: Identity reference


  name: 'My Site',


 * A WebSite is a set of related web pages and other items typically served from a single web domain and accessible via URLs.
export interface WebSiteSimple extends Thing {
   * The site's home URL (excluding a trailing slash).
  url?: string
   * The name of the website.
  name: string
   * A description of the website (e.g., the site's tagline).
  description?: string
   * A reference-by-ID to the Organization which publishes the WebSite
   * (or an array of Organization and Person in the case that the website represents an individual).
  publisher?: NodeRelations<Identity>
   * A SearchAction object describing the site's internal search.
  potentialAction?: Arrayable<(SearchAction | unknown)>
   * The language code for the WebSite; e.g., en-GB.
   * If the website is available in multiple languages, then output an array of inLanguage values.
  inLanguage?: Arrayable<string>